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How to Start a Snow Blower? 9 Things You Should Know

‘’Winter is coming’’,

this saying has been made popular by the viral TV show Game of Thrones.


in as much that saying is fictional, it can also be attributed to reality because in truth winter is almost here, and it is time to get ready our winter machines for comfortable living in the cold days to come.

Having said this,

the snow blower is one of those tools to look out for during this period, and

if you are a newbie to this tool or rather do not know how to start a snow blower, sit back and relax let us take one of your problems away from your hands with this article.

A snow blower is a useful tool, and by its name, it is a simple guess what this machine does.


you should know how to start this tool effectively,


during the heavy snowing days, when your driveway is clogged, and you really need to get out of the house, then you will come to understand the usefulness of this machine.

We have pointed out in this article all that you need to know in other to be able to start this tool during it moat needed time and below is what you need.

What Do You Need To Know How To Start A Snow Blower?

A Snow Blower


you read right.

You certainly will need a snow blower for this tutorial. This is to ensure that you will look at the mechanisms and the buttons we pointed out in this tutorial.

You might not have bought one yet or your snow blower is an old model, you can still use it for this tutorial,

however, you can check our post on 6 Best Electric Snow Blowers. If you haven’t bought any snowblower yet and have the plan to buy then you should check this: How to Buy a Snowblower- Mistakes to Avoid

whether old or new, they are pretty much the same thing, and this means that it will be easy for you to decide on your own which button performs which actions no matter the version of the snow blower.

Paperwork or Manual – “How to Start a Snow Blower?”

If you purchased a new snow blower, always try to ensure that all of its paperwork or manual came together with the product. The manual provides all necessary information needed from the manufacturers of the machine,

it should contain;

precautions, and how to use tutorials to ensure that your newly bought machine can be used without the fear of encountering an accident.

With that being said,

if we are talking “jargons” in this tutorial that you do not understand, please refer to the user guide of your machine as it contains a more accurate and detailed information on how you can use your snow blower.

Adhere to Safety Instructions – “How to Start a Snow Blower?”

Get familiar with the safety precautions and additional warnings of your newly purchased snow blower before you start utilizing your machine.

Even though all snow blowers are they are the same,

you should also remember that not all machines are manufactured equal,

and this means that different safety options from others.

It is very vital to understand all safety features of a machine first, that would ensure that you can be able to turn off and on your snow blowing machine safely and easily.

Note the Basics – “How to Start a Snow Blower?”

You must be sure that the old gas sitting in the gas tank of your snow blower since last year isn’t what you’re going to use this year.

Ensure that the gas and oil level in the machine is filled to the top mark on their individual tanks.

This is to ensure that you won’t run out of gas during your snow clearing operation.

Also ensure that your snow blowers are set to neutral, which is a good set just in the case of starting the machine cold.

Starting the Machine – “How to Start a Snow Blower?”

After checking the basics,

next is to ensure that the choke is full. This full choke has the job of sealing off the air supply of the carburetors which will help start the snow blower.

Set the switch button to “Run” once the machine gets warm in the bid to utilize the machine.

Ensure that the throttle is set to “HIGH” or “FAST” location. Ensure that the machine fuel valve is set to “OPEN” and make use of “ON” to start. In the situation whereby the machine isn’t running, ensure that the valve is closed to avoid fuel leakage. Though depending on your machine, there should be either a “RUN” or “ON” button that works as the machine starter.

Safety Key – “How to Start a Snow Blower?”

Even though you might be thinking that the snow Blower should be on a full blast and running now,


there are some few steps that you will need to cover to know well how to start a snow blower, before starting your device.

Depending on your machine model or brand, a safety ignition key is usually made available, and this ensures that the machine is very safe to start.

It normally snaps into its designated place to stop the snow blower entirely without shutting down the machine. Though you can remove the key and the machine will completely stop.

The Starter Rope – “How to Start a Snow Blower?”

After all the already mentioned steps have been completed by you, you can now pull the starter plug to get the engine sparked, and your snow blower would come to full effect.

In the event, it does not come on right away,

try a stronger pull and faster pull or you might actually need to pull a few times before the engine spark is strong enough to kick the machine into life.

Electric Start – “How to Start a Snow Blower?”

This is for those that have an electric snow blowing machine.

These types are simple to start, you just need to plug your snow blowing machine into an outlet,

then you can push the “RUN” or “START” and then you will have a working machine.

Storage of Your Snow Blower – “How to Start a Snow Blower?”

Always ensure that your snow blower is properly turned off before storing.

Ensure that you have turned off every mechanism or button turned on during usage. To avoid fuel leakage, the choke must be closed.

This machine should be stored in a safe place that is high enough to be out of the reach of kids or animals. The storage environment should be dry, it should not be too hot or too cold, and if it is its last usage for the year, please be sure to properly store it.

Final Words

Check this out for more: How to Use a Snow Blower? You Should Know Before Use

Pretty easy right?

Yeah, we think so too. Once you understand how to operate your snow blowing machine, you’ll feel much better and excited at starting it for its next use, although you should be much better at it this time.

Do you have any suggestions or add-ons to this articles?

you can use the comment section to drop your ideas.

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