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How to Buy a Snowblower- 8 Mistakes to Avoid

We all know what happens when the cold arrives,

that the snow surprises you one morning and you find all the white landscape, including the roads and gardens of your house,

which means that you will have to spend hours and hours cleaning everything to a few degrees below zero.

Some do not have that time or simply prefer to invest it in other tasks,

so they resort to the snow plow, an ideal machine for those areas where snow is usually our faithful companion during the winter. You will not worry anymore if a snowfall surprises you.


before buying any model we have to take into account some small points to know how to buy a snowblower, very important so that we can choose the one that best suits our needs since it is obvious that they all remove the snow, but not in the same way or under the same conditions.

Garden Area: Is the garden of your house very large or does it tend to be rather small?

If there are sidewalks, roads for vehicles and the dimensions are quite large, it is preferable that you opt for a model that has great power and

a good width since it will be necessary to work the maximum possible space while separating that large amount of hard snow.

On the other hand,

if the dimensions of your plot are rather small, you can do without so much power and look for a lighter and more comfortable model, something that allows you to move faster and finish the job as soon as possible.

Start and Qualities of a SnowBlow – “How to Buy a Snowblower”

There are some models of the snowplow that have electric start, which is something interesting to make a quick start without manual work. For this type of start-ups it is necessary that the area in which you are going to work has electrical outlets, don’t make the mistake of purchasing an electric snowblower for a place where there is no electricity, though some come with a battery.

Remember that to use the snow plow it is recommended that you have a centralized control panel, which will allow you to manipulate it as easily as possible.

Make sure that your wheels are resistant and have the necessary drawing to ensure an optimal grip, also if you are going to leave it on the outside, do not forget to cover it with a protective cover.

And Take this Advice Very Seriously: Invest in security, this is the most important point of all. If you want to work comfortably and safely, you need to know all the benefits of each of the snow plows. The wheels, the handlebars, and the control panel must be practical and functional.

In other to avoid the mistake of buying the wrong snowblower for your use, we have listed and explained –

The facts to always check and have it at the back of your mind to know how to buy a snowblower

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1. Clearance Width

From 50 cm to 92 cm the market offers all possibilities. Large clearing widths are ideal for large plots of land, car park cleaning. Small clearances are ideal for small to medium-sized estates or winding paths. The clearing width depends on your space conditions e.g. storage, passage through the garden door.

2. Performance or Displacement

One can say: The higher the performance data, the faster you can clean your property with the snow thrower. A snow blower with a powerful engine and a large working width makes it easier for you to work in deep, heavy snow. Smaller areas of dry snow can also be easily edited with smaller models.

3. Wheel or Caterpillar Drive

Wheel drive is sufficient in most cases. By wheel drive a change of direction is possible. A power steering (if available) supports this process. In addition, snow chains can be mounted on the wheels to ensure the best possible propulsion in the icy or deep snow.

Caterpillar drive offers the advantage of permanent propulsion (pressure) of the snowthrower against the icy snow. Another advantage is that you can overcome with a caterpillar snowblower and stairs (reverse drive) in order to continue to clear snow on another part of the property. A steering aid allows easy maneuvering without effort.

4. Power Steering

Snow blowers with power steering are easier to operate. If you’re driving a lot of turns, turning around frequently or having to make twisty paths, then you should opt for a model with power steering.

5. Electric Start

Manual start Electric start 230 Volt makes it easier to start the snow thrower (convenient and easy to use by anyone). 12 Volt electric start makes it easier to start after a short break. When you start the handset, you are independent of a power outlet.

6. Headlight/Lighting

Snow is mostly cleared during the dark season. An illumination of the path can be very helpful to detect danger spots.

7. Hybrid Snow Blowers

The petrol engine drives the cutter shaft and generator, and the electric motors and the battery are supplied with power via an intelligent control system. So all the power of the gasoline engine is available for milling, while the electric motors supply the caterpillar drive. Hybrid snow blowers offer maximum clearing performance with minimal noise and optimum fuel efficiency.

8. Hydrostatic

Stepless adjustable constant speed during forward and reverse travel. Gentle and smooth driving even at the lowest speed. For large areas with frequent snowfall, a snowblower is a must.

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