Sj623e vs. Sj625e | Comparison Review

Getting ready for winter and wondering how you will deal with the snow heap on your sidewalk or driveway? Then a snow blower might be your answer.

 People are not made to move snow, and that is why snow throwers were invented.

Snow blowers are useful and make a blizzard easy to tackle, and even a little fun, too. Plus, you’ll be amazed at how much faster, easier, and safe they are compared to you risking serious injury by using a shovel.

So what’s a snow blower?

A snow blower or snow thrower is simply a device for removing snow from areas where it is unwanted, such as a sidewalk, driveway, railroad track, roadway, ice rink, or runway.

There are four different styles of snow blowers to choose from:

  • Electric– Capable of clearing light snow (less than 12 inches) from sidewalks and small driveways. They are exceptionally lightweight machines, commonly used on decks and steps where larger gas-powered models don’t fit.
  • Single-Stage These gas-powered snow blowers throw the snow once with an auger that scoops up the snow and discards it out the chute. They are the lightest, smallest, and most comfortable to handle.
  • Two-Stage–  These powerful machines can handle over 18 inches of snow with ease, and their more massive, sturdier design helps you tackle deep and heavy snow without slowing down. They outperform both electric and single-stage throwers in every aspect
  • Three-Stage– They are regarded as the most powerful and efficient snow blowers available today. Two metal augers raise the snow and ice and then move it to the center of the unit then an accelerator chops and push the snow through the impeller, and launches it out of the chute at high speed.

It might be easy to purchase a snow blower from your local store or order one online, but not all snow blowers are ideal for you.

A well-constructed snow blower reflects on how fast and well you clean your driveway or patio or deck or a sideway for effortless mobility.


snow blowers come in versatile shapes, types, sizes, and with various features. And with the correct snow blowing technique, you can master the art of snow blowing without straining your back and breaking a sweat each time there’s heavy snow sticking to the ground.

Hence to purchase a snowblower, there are a few basic things to look out for such as:


Most snow blowers share standard design features in terms of throwing distance, clearing width, height intake, ergonomic handle adjustments, chute control, etc.

If your snow blower has a wide clearing path and discharges distance, it means that you require less passes to clear any surface.

The design also includes an auger, chute rotation, snow depth or capacity, and power source, which includes gas, electric (cord or rechargeable battery).


This includes significant features like weight, motor power, drive system, variable power speeds, adjustable handle height, and self-propelling mechanism.

It also discloses how well your best snow blower controls light and heavy snowfall under versatile weather conditions. A headlight and a clearing tool are excellent additions for better flexibility in snow blowing as they make the job at hand more straightforward and faster.

If you’re living in extreme weather conditions, having a safe and maneuverable snow blower around might be a good idea so it won’t cause you any problems.


While most snow blowing equipment comes with certified and tested guarantees, a solid warranty is especially crucial for a snow blower machine.

When compared to other snow-related devices or apparatus, considering the manufacturer warranty means finding how well the features perform under stressful conditions.

The better warranty of a snow blower, the better overall run time. For those living areas that experience frequent snowstorms, having a snow blower with a durable warranty means a considerable amount of convenience and support.

After looking at dozens of professional snow blowers, also known as snow throwers on the market, we’re convinced that the reputable brand “Snow Joe” produces the best snow blower for most people.

It introduces upgraded edition snow blower designed for countless hours of performance. And snow blowers that utilize the most straightforward technology to provide the most excellent power and precision like never experienced before.

And this article focuses on two of their best products, namely; Sj623e and Sj625e.

Snow Joe SJ623E Snow Thrower 18″ – 15 Amp Motor | Headlights


This snow blower product from Snow Joe is one of the few reasonably priced snow blowers to altogether remove snow from sideways, pavements, driveways, and decks.

And it also does a better job at minimizing user effort, because of its snow-throwing dynamo and powerful 15-amp motor. It is engineered to work for clearing off mid-to-large sized driveways and walkways. With no gas, oil, or tune-ups, using this best snow blower is simple as ever.

The 180-degrees adjustable directional chute helps you throw snow in any direction you want. The on-board chute clean-out tool keeps your chute clog-free during heavy snow blowing or snow jam.

The single push electric start comes in handy in all kinds of conditions with design hassle. The 20W halogen headlight, 25 ft throw distance, and 720 pounds plowing capacity make it an ideal option.

Its long-lasting, 4-blade rotor, constructed of heavy-grade steel, cuts a full 18-inch wide by a 10″ deep snow with each pass. Its easy-glide wheels make it easy to turn and operate.

It delivers the performance of a gas machine with the convenience of electric power.

Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower | 18-Inch | 15 Amp Motor | Headlights
  • Ideal for clearing snow off mid-to-large sized driveways and walkways
  • No gas, oil or tune-ups make it effortless to start and maintain
  • Powerful 15-amp motor moves up to 720 lbs of snow per minute
  • 4-blade steel auger cuts 18 in. wide by 10 in. deep with each pass
  • 180° adjustable directional chute throws snow up to 25 ft


  • Perfect for clearing snow off mid-to-large-sized walkways and driveways
  • Easy to start and maintain as it requires no gas, oil or tune-ups
  • A powerful 15-amp motor with the ability to move up to 720 lbs of snow in a minute
  • 4-blade steel auger cuts 18 in. wide by 10 in. deep with each pass
  • Can throw snow up to 25 ft with its 180° adjustable directional chute


Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Thrower | 21″ | 15 Amp Motor


To respond to the need for an easy-to-use machine that could tackle more substantial snowfall on mid-sized walkways and driveways, Snow Joe developed the Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E

If you want something responsive, the Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower | 21-Inch | 15 Amp Motor is the best snow blower for you. It is an easy-to-use and quick-to-maintain snow blower Driven by a powerful 15-amp motor, with durable steel auger and two rubber blades that cut a path 21 inches wide by 12 inches deep with each pass.

The Snow Joe Ultra can move up to 800 lbs of snow per minute. Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Thrower | 21″ | 15 Amp Motor is lightweight, fastest, manages more snow than expected, and since it’s lightweight, it can take on deeper snow in less time.

If your expectations are just right for a sturdy and durable snow blower on the market, the high output of this snow blower is perfect for you.

A suitable snow blower can stand the tests of time and make your driveway or deck or patio look clean season after season, and according to research, Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower | 21-Inch | 15 Amp Motor does an excellent job.

It creates incredible stability, height intake, and clearing to with proper steam and snow direction. Lastly, the Steel auger with two rubber blades cuts 21″ wide and 12″ deep in one pass and makes all the difference you need for consistent performance.



  • Ideal for clearing snow on mid-sized driveways and walkways
  • Absence of gas, oil or tune-ups makes it effortless to start and maintain
  • 3 W LED light for safe night-time clearing
  • A powerful 15-amp motor that moves up to 800 lbs of snow per minute
  • Steel auger with two rubber blades cuts 21″ wide and 12″ deep in one pass


 The  SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower | 18″ | 15 Amp Motor | Headlights and The Snow Joe SJ625E Snow Thrower | 21″ | 15 Amp Motor stand out as one of the best snow blowers that can clear massive amounts of snow in versatile conditions, that would outperform any other competitor on the market.

They possess all the engine power required for long-range performance, something that is a big challenge for many other machines with comparatively less distinct capabilities. Snow Joe also delivers products for those with type-based, price-based, and competition-based preferences and demands.

Their products are strongly recommended to most consumers looking for an efficient, quick, and straightforward way to keep patios, decks, and driveways clean. Their products are especially useful to those who live in light to dense snowfall areas and require something robust so they can get out more, even during heavy snowstorms.

Features such as an auger, clearing width, optimal snow depth, maximum throwing distance, and chute rotation are essential to determining the best snow blower on the market, and that’s what Snow Joe products bring to you. If you are tired of shoveling snow off your sidewalks, considering any of these two products will save your back and time every winter.

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