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5 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum | A Concrete Reviews

A beautiful garden requires a lot of care, which begins in the preparation of the land, watering, fertilizing, pruning, and finally cleaning, which must be constant.

That’s right; gardening is fundamental – in addition to improving appearance – for plant development.

Therefore, in addition to all gardening tools, such as pots, sails, and axes, it is essential that you invest in equipment for garden cleaning, such as the leaf blower.

What many do not know is that the accumulation of dried leaves and sticks, which naturally fall from the plants, is a perfect dwelling not only for fungi but for insects and pests to reproduce.

So that this does not happen in your yard, the best solution is to always have a suitable leaf blower on hand.

The blowers and vacuums of sheets show their effectiveness on all the surfaces, there whether a garden, an area of traffic or a parking lot. Leaves dead, grass cut, waste – not only resistant to their breath robust.

They make up clear in a twinkling eye, and this without effort. The vacuum blowers devour the leaves die, the grass cut and the fall of hedges. They grind finely the waste of gardening which can then be used directly for the composting or the mulching.

In the fall, maintaining your garden can be complicated if you do not have the right equipment.

Indeed, you will have great difficulty in recovering heaps of dead leaves soaked in water and other debris with a rake or shovel.

Acquiring a shredder is the best option for cleaning your garden. Specialty stores offer a wide range of models with distinct features. The choice is, therefore, quite complicated in the face of uncertainties.

Discover the different types of grinder vacuum cleaners and the criteria to identify equipment adapted to your expectations. We also present our selection of the three best commercial leaf vacuum blowers crushers of the moment.

We are giving you a detailed review of best commercial leaf vacuum blowers below in which most of them do a multi-purpose job and aids the work for a homeowner and a professional.

List of 5 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuums

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Benefits of using Leaf Blower Vacuum

The woods are already colorful, the stubble fields are yellow and autumn begins, the colorful deciduous trees in autumn are a true splendor, but they are also a real challenge when they drop their leaves. Masses of leaves, twigs and fruits gather on the lawn, on sidewalks and in beds.

Vacuum cleaners are a relief for gardeners to master the colorful leaves rain. However, in addition to advantages, they also have unmistakable disadvantages.

Instead of Rake and Rake Use the Leaf Blower Vacuum

As soon as it is autumn and the first leaves fall, the leaf extractors are used in many gardens. The motorized devices absorb the leaves, small twigs or old grass and collect it in a bag. Optimal are leaf blowers which also shred the leaves in a built-in shredder, so that it is ready compostable. Modern leaf vacuum cleaners are mostly combi tools. They absorb both the foliage, but can also be converted as a leaf blower. The purchase of an appropriate tool ensures the purchase of leaf blowers and leaf vacuum as a single device.

Pay Attention to Comfortable Working

Gardening should be fun. And finally, garden owners utilize a leaf blower to make work easier. Carrying straps or a carrying device for the back provide for working comfort, because above all, gasoline-operated devices weigh quickly 5 kg and more plus the weight of the sucked foliage. This quickly gets into the bones and becomes uncomfortable and unwieldy over time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Leaf Blower Vacuum

Either gardeners love the devices or they detest them. Because leaf blowers in addition to the advantages also have many disadvantages.

The Advantages of the Leaf Blower Vacuum

With a leaf blower and shredder, garden owners save one step. The foliage is fully compostable. Saving time is the biggest advantage, provided you work with a powerful device.

The Disadvantages of the Leaf Blower Vacuum

Probably the biggest disadvantage of the leaf vacuum is their operating volume. The devices cause up to 115 dB (A). Neighboring neighbors and residents will rightly consider the operation with suspicion. The noise level not only disturbs people, but the wildlife also suffers. Due to the intense volume of leaf extractors, there are warnings on the devices that hearing protection must be worn in order to avoid hearing damage.

Types of Leaf Blowers

There are many types of leaf blowers in the market, but we will just be reviewing the main types and best commercial leaf vaccum blowers which are;

  • The corded electric leaf blowers.
  • The cordless electric leaf blowers.
  • The gasoline-powered machines.

These equipment’s arrives varying in styles, right form handheld units to backpack units and also the wheeled models for cleaning heavy duty types of debris, it becomes a daunting task for one to choose the right type of leaf blower for his or her garden.

Let’s take a review of these leaf blowers and tips to choose the best kind of leaf blower.

Corded Electric Leaf Blowers

These type of blower is lightweight and designed for single hand use—they usually weigh about 7-8 pounds and can be started quickly with a push button. One advantage of this machine is that it doesn’t spawn much noise when it is working. It is widely and often used to clear debris from 100 feet of garden or from walkways. One major problem with this device is its limited mobility due to its use of a cord, and it can be a big problem if the cord tangles around a tree.

Cordless Electric Leaf Blowers

This form of a leaf blower is gaining a lot of popularity among home gardeners who have less amount of debris to be cleared. It is also of lightweight and easily maneuverable since it doesn’t have a cord attachment making it easier for use. The main problem of this machine is that it uses batteries and can only work during the period when the batteries are charged.

Gasoline Powered Leaf Blowers

Under this category, we will review 3 forms of gas powered blowers.

Gas-powered Handheld Blowers: this is an excellent leaf blower equipped with sufficient power and also doesn’t have a cord. This machine can be a bit noisy but offers a fair amount of power, hence, will complete the task of clearing the debris quickly. This machine needs gasoline to run most of these handheld models come with a two-stroke engine, but some models come with a powerful 4 stroke engine.

Gas-powered backpack blowers: These machines weigh about 18 pounds or more. These type of leaf blower is usually carried on your shoulders and back ensuring that they’re very convenient to use and easy to carry about. They offer high power and aid quick clearing of leaf debris in the garden. They are very noisy, emits polluted air as they clear the trash, and they run on gasoline and oil.

Gas Powered Wheeled Blowers: Do you operate a large garden? Do you have an enormous amount of debris to clear?  If your answer is yes, then you need a gas powered wheeled blower. These blowers come with a sizeable four-stroke engine. Unlike the other gas-powered blowers, this machine does not require the fuel and oil mix start and run.

This type of machine is heavy and weighs around 100 pounds. They are more priced than their counterparts, very noisy, and they are only recommended for commercial use only.

Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Models of Leaf Blowers

Much less noisy than a thermal model, the electric leaf blower is a practical solution for removing wet and stuck leaves, but also small stones or bits of branches that clutter your terraces, driveways or other parts of your garden. Apart from its ability to collect plant debris in one place for accessible collection, it can also incorporate suction or grinding features.

Similarly, the power source (wired or battery) and characteristics (speed, weight) are among other parameters that make it challenging to choose this garden equipment when you are not well informed. But rest assured, following our guide, the leaf blower will have no secrets for you, and you’ll know how to choose.

· Electric or Thermal?

A leaf blower works using a motor that can be electric or thermal.

The choice of motorization depends primarily on the area covered. Indeed, the electric blower is more intended for domestic use, for areas less than 2000 m 2. It is usually equipped with a power cable to connect to mains or a removable battery.

In contrast, the thermal blower is much more potent on a 2 or 4-stroke gasoline engine. It is suitable for areas of 2000 m 2 or more and promotes complete freedom of movement. On the other hand, it is more substantial, more polluting, and noisier than the electric model.

· Power

The engine power to choose depends on the area, but also the density of the land to cover. Indeed, rough terrain with wet leaves requires a more powerful engine as opposed to level ground with dead leaves. In general, electric motors are less potent than thermal engines, but this is explained by the domestic use for which they are intended.

Thus, electric blower motors generally have between 1000 and 3000 Watts (W) of power. However, the blower vacuum models carry a force of 2500 W minimum. As for the engines, they offer the ability of 25 cm³ and 50 cm³, up to 70 cm³ for some professional models.

· Weight and Reach System

The weight of the device is an essential criterion before any choice; It should be remembered that it usually goes with power. Otherwise, the more influential the device, the heavier it is. Electric models weigh between 3 and 6 kg while thermal blowers range from 4 to 18 kg. Also, there is a different range of systems. The lightest models are handheld models with a strap attached to the shoulder to lighten the weight on the arm.

As for the more massive models, they are worn on the back with a comfortable harness, which can be adapted to each morphology. Also, there are blowers with wheels attached to the end of the tube. They serve to guide the device more easily while lightening the weight supported by the arm. Besides, the rollers prevent the friction of the machine on the ground, at the risk of being quickly used.

What to Look for When Buying Leaf Blower Vacuum?

Maintaining a garden is considered an impossible task. You only need to know how to choose the right tools. Among these is the blower. But you will ask, the criteria to consider before buying this device. To do this, it is necessary to direct your choice taking into account the dimensions of your garden, but also to make sure that its maintenance does not require technical skills.

The blower is essential to blow the leaves of your garden paths. Vacuum blower or blower vacuum blower for comfort, you will also have to choose the energy: thermal, electric, or battery. A bag, with speed variation, backpack or on wheels: follow the advice of the guide.

The Essential Points to Choose Your Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Blowers

· Speed Variation

The variable speed drive allows modulating the blowing or suction power according to the debris and the treated surfaces which will enable. The ride, in the most straightforward cases, can be limited to two speeds.

· The Volume of the Bag

The volumes of the bags range from 30 to 50 litters. If you take a bag too big, you risk losing weight. If you take it too small, you will spend your time emptying it. It’s all about compromise, make your choice!

In the case of self-propelled blowers, the volumes of the bags can reach 250 litres or more.

· Start-Up Aid for Thermal Blowers

Reduction of effort on the launcher, priming pump, electric start, an automatic choke is all equipment designed to facilitate the beginning of your thermal fan.

· Anti-Vibration System

Because sometimes vibrating brings no pleasure, the blowers can be equipped with an anti-vibration system.

· Gutter Kit

A gutter kit is simply a long, angled tube suitable for cleaning gutters.

· Flat or Round Nozzles

The choice of the nozzles on a blower makes it possible to concentrate the flow of air: the narrower they are, the more influential the flow.

· Storage Aid System

It’s just about minimizing clutter.

Tips for Choosing Your Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Blowers

For a ground of less than 1500 m ² little raised, an electric blower aspirator of 3000 W is entirely satisfactory.

If you can, the “grinder” option is not negligible and brings a real comfort of use. Enjoy yourself. 

Pay attention to the weight, especially if you have a large surface to clean and you have to equip yourself with a thermal blower. Even though other criteria may be involved in your choice, an overview of the specifics is considered a good thing. The leaf blower can do a lot of things, but you also have to follow the directions of use to get the best out of it.

Leaf blowers are a necessity, especially if you live in an area with lots of leaves or garden and the essential is knowing how to choose the best.

5 Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Reviews

Greenworks 40V 185 MPH – Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

Product Description

Greenworks DigiPro is easy to use and provides potent gas-powered tools, the motor with a lower operating cost. It has versatile features and a zero-emissions solution for cleaning and clearing debris. It’s innovative brushless motor guarantees 80% longer life, less noise and lower vibration for user’s comfort.

To use the blower as a vacuum cleaner, you have to open the gate, and the collection tube is inserted to allow for leaf pick. A safety switch is attached on this gate, and if the gate is unlatched, the blower will not run.


  • Suitable blower with plenty of power.
  • It has a four-year guarantee.
  • Cordless and with high electric power.
  • Great customer service.


  • Suction insufficient for smaller and larger leaves.
  • Too many buttons and speed.
  • The vacuum gets clogged picking too many at once.

Husqvarna 125BVx – Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

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Product Description

This product Husqvarna is a revolutionary handheld blower which combines high power with state of the art design. You can minimize rotational force on the wrist as the blower tube is in line with the handle. The blower can generate the speed of up to 170 miles per hour to push away the stubbornest of waste. The blowing tube is adjustable, which makes it possible for you to use it to achieve a different aim.


  • Homeowners and professional landscape contractors can use it.
  • It has a higher airspeed and a vac-kit for vacuuming debris.
  • It has lightweight and easy to handle.


  • Attaching the blower vacuum tube and bag is a big issue.
  • Dust blows out of the machine while vacuuming.
  • It gets clogged so much and proves cumbersome during work.

WORK WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-in-1 – Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

Product Description

Work Trivac is easy to use a blower with its two-stage metal impeller plus shredder blade. Its 3-in-1 system is for blowing, mulching leaves and vacuuming, this means it does all the significant works of a blower with just a switch.

You can maneuver and control with the hand, and the airspeed of the fan can be adjusted for more power strictly on demand or to maximize performance for blowing and sweeping in corners or hard to reach areas.


  • Can switch between functions of blower and vacuuming.
  • Easy to operate and the speed motor makes it easy to control the blowing and vacuuming.
  • Powerful to displace leaves.
  • Well, it is balanced using strong hands.


  • Leaves need to be dry for effective mulching.
  • One-handed operation is stressful.

Toro 51621 UltraPlus – Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

Product Description

This product Toro has a superior blowing vacuum. It has the highest leaf shredding performance while saving time. It is a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner and aids in sheet shredding, vacuuming, and a top performing blower. It sweeps the air back and forth, thereby creating a full blowing path on hardscapes without moving the wrist.


  • Combination of a leaf blower and mulcher.
  • Very powerful, substantial, and reliable.
  • It has a dozen position you can hold it to achieve an effective result.
  • Price and performance make it a substantial investment.


  • It is heavy.
  • It gets clogged by wet leaves and small sticks.
  • It has no carrying strap.

BLACK+DECKER BV6000 – Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum

Product Description

This is a high-performance amp blower which also vacuums and mulches leave. It has a metal fan that prevents clogging when mulching while grinding up to 16 bags of mulch. It has enough speed for flower beds and matted leaves.

The best part is that the system allows tool-free changing between vacuum and blower in seconds and a built-in cord retainer, which keeps the extension in place and plugged in for uninterrupted use.

This product also comes with a reusable leaf bag design and two disposable bags which you can tie and toss for quick, easy cleanup. It is a heavy duty multi-purpose best commercial leaf vacuum blower which is ideal for blowing leaves and yard debris, vacuuming leaves, grass or pine needles and also mulching leaves for compost.


  • Powerful sucking and blowing.
  • It is built with a durable plastic component.
  • It is light to hold, strap, and mulch.
  • Easy to use and troubleshoot.
  • Very easy to go from vacuum to blower.
  • It is simple to snap apart and back together if there is a clog.
  • It saves time.


  • Leaves get stuck in suction tube occasionally.

Final Words

There are plenty of varieties of vacuum cleaners in the market today which means that there is stiff competition which would also confuse the buyer. I hope my review 5 best commercial leaf vacuum blowers and information helped you make an informed decision.

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