How Do I Keep Bugs From Eating My Plants?

How Do I Keep Bugs From Eating My Plants?

There is nothing worse for our plants than a plague of bugs, they are ugly and can also destroy our plants. It might seem that the most obvious remedy is to spray the plague with insecticide, but this is impractical since we would also kill the plant.

Learn how to eliminate insects from plants and avoid pests in an effective way, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for health.

Eliminate Bugs from Plants without Insecticides – “How Do I Keep Bugs From Eating My Plants?”

When we think about how to eliminate insects or pests from plants, many times we imagine ourselves spraying insecticides, as they do in fields when fumigating.


it is not necessary to reach this extreme. You can fight pests naturally, without using chemicals that not only damage plants, but also your health and that of your family.

The good news is that organic gardening offers very good ecological techniques to make your park look really beautiful. Always choose natural and eco-friendly methods on plants.   The most frequent insects that attack plants are:

  • Aphids: Suck sap from leaves and buds. There are more than 30 different species and also secrete a sugary substance that attracts ants and allows the fungus sooty to settle on the leaves. They appear when there is dryness in the environment.
  • Pill bugs: They also absorb the sap of the plants and stick to the stems and leaves. Like the previous ones, they attract ants and the fungus fumagna.
  • Caterpillars and Worms: There are different types, such as leaf-cutter caterpillars, the varied worm, white worm, weevils or wireworms. Many attacks during the night and that is why good prevention is required.

In addition to keeping the garden or park as clean as possible, you can eliminate insects from plants naturally with ingredients such as garlic, rice, alcohol or citrus. Here are the ways we can get rid of bugs from our plants:

Keep your Plants Always Clean to Get Rid of Bugs on Plants – “How Do I Keep Bugs From Eating My Plants?”

Accustomed to keeping your plants clean, reduce the chances of suffering any kind of plague and you can detect these before they are too large. To clean them you can use a duster or even a moistened cloth if the plants are large.

Sage, Basil, Chamomile, Onions, Garlic, Vinegar.

There are a lot of home remedies to stop insect pests, although its effectiveness is relative. Both sages, such as basil, chamomile, onions, garlic or even vinegar are natural products that help to ward off insects. If you opt for this method, it is best to take one of these ingredients and put it in hot water. When the mixture has cooled, pour it over the plant to be treated with a sprayer.

Avoid Moisture to stop insects eating plant leaves – “How Do I Keep Bugs From Eating My Plants?”

It is very common that we find mosquitoes fluttering around our plant. These insects do not pose a serious threat to our plants, but they are very uncomfortable.


when a plant suffers a plague of mosquitoes, it is probably because we have irrigated it too much. Keep in mind that mosquitoes are very attracted to humidity.

If the plant in question is indoor, change the soil and water it less often. If on the contrary, it is an outdoor plant, the best thing you can do is wait for the soil to dry and check how often you water it.

Ending Aphids is Easier than it seems.

One of the most common insect pests is aphids, small insects that form real colonies in our plants.

To finish with them it will be enough to pulverize the plant invaded by the aphids with a solution that we will have obtained previously mixing water and a little soap.

On the other hand, it is quite common to find ladybugs near the aphids. Do not finish with them! This type of insects are the natural predators of the aphids, they will help you to finish them off.

To End Caterpillars, Tobacco is the Best.

Another very common pest is that of caterpillars. There is a very effective method to eliminate these pests. Buy yourself a packet of tobacco, put water to boil and pour the tobacco from the cigarettes into it.

If you are a smoker, you can also put the butts of your ashtrays in the pot. The resulting mixture is extremely toxic, which is why it is so effective in killing the caterpillars.

But be careful, you also run the risk of damaging the plant. Use a sprayer to spray the plant and always strain the mixture before throwing it out.

Use your Wits to Kill the Wasps – “How Do I Keep Bugs From Eating My Plants?”

Wasps are usually very close to fruit trees, especially at the end of August and throughout September. They are very nervous animals, so it is very impractical to try to spray them with some type of liquid.

What we can do is set traps; by placing jars filled with some sweet liquid we will be able to divert your attention from the fruit tree. Honey is very useful for this, since given its viscosity, in addition to attracting the wasps, it catches them.

Wasps, in general, will be very attracted to meat. If you do not mind having meat dishes scattered around your garden, you can also consider this option.

Prevent Bugs from Climbing on your Plant – “How Do I Keep Bugs From Eating My Plants?”

There are many insects that reach the plants climbing: ants, centipedes, spiders. To combat this type of insects shuffles the possibility of putting across the width of the trunk of your plant double-sided adhesive tape.

It is a somewhat drastic measure that will only be useful in large plants with a considerable trunk, but even so, it is very useful to prevent pests of this type of insects.

Tips to Eliminate Bugs from the Garden- Points Summarized

  • If you have a garden, do not hesitate to place the so-called “aromatic plants” at the ends of the land, which will act as a barrier to prevent insects from arriving. Some of these species hated by pests are basil, arugula, oregano, parsley, laurel, rosemary, and mint.
  • Another one of the tips to get rid of bugs or insects of the plants has to do with the species that you plant in your garden. In the garden area, fennel, coriander, celery, carrot, onion, and garlic are recommended (in addition to the aromatic ones). In the other areas of the garden, lavender.
  • Always keep your plants clean and in good condition, so they are less vulnerable to suffer from pests. You can use a cotton ball soaked in milk or water to remove dirt from its leaves, for example.
  • Avoid humidity in the surroundings. Mosquitoes love stagnant water, as well as snails and fungi. Do not water too much and do not let puddles form. “To eliminate insects from plants you must keep them always clean and in good condition, so they are less vulnerable to suffer from bugs.” However, you can use Mosquito traps or Bug zappers to eliminate mosquitoes, you can also check this out to get rid of mosquitoes for your backyard and home.
  • Do not get finished with the ladybugs. Many times, in the desire to fight pests we do not realize that there are some bugs that are allies. In the case of ladybugs, they are natural predators of aphids.
  • Prevents insects from climbing the plants. This is for the cases of ants and snails, mainly. You can place double-sided tape on the stem.

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