Best-time of day to water lawn garden

Best Time of Day to Water Lawn For Healthy Lawn

Plants need water in the summer regularly, even if it has rained, because usually, the rainfall isn’t enough. The garden doesn’t have to be watered every day, but extensively.

Especially on hot days,

the soil is so dry that the water drains quickly and can’t seep into the soil sufficiently. Better to pour correctly at the appropriate time of the day than several times too little. So the plants can form deep roots and become stronger.

Best Time of Day to Water Lawn

Gardens, balcony flowers, and patio plants must be well-watered. But how does the water get to the roots at the best time of the day? Gardener Vicki J. Stabile gives tips.

Water in the Morning with a Watering Can

Anyone who sprays water with the garden hose usually irrigates only superficially.

Better to use a jug, it has a thicker and soft jet. About two watering cans per square meter are ideal. Never pour in the blazing midday sun or over the leaves, otherwise, there is a danger of sunburn.

It is best to water the plants early in the morning, or alternatively in the evening. Rainwater is best suited for irrigation, which can easily be caught in a rain barrel.

Water from the pipe is often too cold. If you still need to use it, leave it in the watering can for one day.

Water Potted Plants Regularly

Plants in containers require particularly intensive care. In contrast to the bedding plants, they cannot root deeply and thus get to the water.

The rule is: the smaller the container, the more water. Hanging baskets can even be watered twice a day in summer. Many potted plants are still limp in extreme heat. They get yellow leaves, sagging stems, burns or dried branches.

Often, however,

they can be saved. Wrong is over-pouring. The water usually seeps immediately through the drain hole on the bottom of the pot.

In order to revive withered potted plants, it is better to place the plant together with the pot in a bucket filled with water.


only if the respective flower or plant pot has a drain hole. If there are no more air bubbles in the water, the earth has absorbed enough liquid. Then water the plant regularly and drain off the excess water immediately.

Under Spreading Plants, the Soil is Often Dry

Under trees or particularly spreading plants such as large box trees or conifers, the soil around the root system usually does not get enough water even after long rainy seasons.

Even if the soil is superficially wet – just a few centimeters deeper, the earth is dust-dry.


these areas must be poured extensively with a watering can or a hose and directly at the root in the morning, otherwise, you will soon be looking at hanging leaves and branches.

Even Lawn Needs Lots of Water |Best Time of Day to Water Lawn

If you want to keep your lawn green all summer long, you should provide it with plenty of water.

Only when the roots of the grass are optimally moisturized, it remains healthy.

A sample shows: too short watering penetrates only the topsoil. That’s not enough to supply the roots.

The most effective way is to water the lawn immediately after a rain shower especially in the morning, then the topsoil is already wet and the additional irrigation water penetrates more easily into deeper layers.

In the heat, you should not keep the lawn too short. Too frequent mowing makes it more sensitive to dryness. If the lawn turns brown in the meantime, it usually recovers soon.

Spray Hoses Distribute Water Evenly

Spray hoses are perfect for the economical yet effective irrigation of beds. Using fine sprays – for example, 13 holes per meter-the water is distributed evenly and directly into the soil and does not evaporate immediately on the surface.

Watering the Lawn: the Most Important Thing at a Glance

  • Water in the morning or in the evening
  • Instead of a bad garden hose take a watering can
  • Use stagnant water if possible
  • Regularly chop the bed and mulch in addition
  • Use drip and bead hoses for economical and even watering

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