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Explicit Review of the Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

When camping or hosting an outdoor activity, one of the essential things is food, and when you are camping with the Camp Chef Outdoor Camping Oven, you can prepare varieties of homemade meals in the campsite or even outdoor.

Specially for me when I plan to go camping for my baby, I love to take 2 things. One is my favorite baby camping chair and other is Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven.

This is because the oven unlocks all the cooking capabilities of a home oven. It is designed to be portable and versatile; the Camp Chef Outdoor Camping Oven will provide you with the heat needed to cook anything from a breakfast pan to your baked and favorite bread.

It has been estimated that the oven, in itself, can reach temperatures up to 400 ° F (205 ° C) and easily adapts to a 22.8 x 33 cm pan so you can carry out all your cooking needs wherever you are.

This makes it very desirable when cooking any dish, and it also makes you feel like you are in a home. It’s portability, and easy transport is a helpful thing for campers who are always on the move and loves camping. Having the comfort of a home when camping is one of the significant thrills of camping.

Specifications of The Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

  • Matchless Integrated lighted oven heat indicator
  • Fully adjustable heat control dials 2 x 1600
  • Watt brass range burners, 600 W
  • Built-in Oven heat gauge
  • Stainless steel construction
  • The folding lid provides a three-sided windscreen
  • Convenient carry handles
  • Oven fits 9 x 13-inch pan inside
  • Powered by 1lb propane can or adapt for bulk tank
  • Nonstick enamel cooking surface
  • Oven power is 3,000 BTU (up to 400 ºF)
  • Two 7,500 BTU brass range burners

Efficiency of The Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

To take the days off to travel is very good, right? And a great tip to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities is to enjoy a camping trip.

After setting up the tent, it’s time to prepare the food. And to help you with this task, it’s essential to always have some accessories nearby, such as a kit of pots, dishes, and cutlery.

Another important thing is the camp chef outdoor camp oven, which aids campers in cooking. With this, you can prepare a variety of food from meatloaf, pasta, cheese to baking a variety of food.

One tip for choosing the foods that will lead to camping is to prefer those that are easier to prepare. After all, you will not want to waste too much time cooking, right?

And to have more comfort, it is ideal for bringing folding chairs and even a table set.

Before you start cooking, you have to consider where you can do it and where it is forbidden. At first sight, it may seem quite restrictive; however, the regulations of camping kitchens are less stringent than those of barbecues. That being said, everything depends on the place where you are.

In the case of being in a campsite, the rules are established by those responsible for what you should consult with them on arrival. If it is true that in most cases the use of camping stoves is allowed if proper precautions are taken while barbecues may be limited to specific spaces.

If you plan to use a camping kitchen in a natural park, the thing is something more complex. The regulation varies according to the park you are going to visit and the time of year.

Even so, most of the natural parks have enabled areas where, except for a high risk of fire, you can cook with these appliances or make a barbecue. That’s right; inform yourself beforehand to avoid problems. It is useless to have the best camping kitchen if you can not use it.

Preventive Measures of Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven


  • The burner baffle is nice
  • Has a proper height for the camping site
  • The burners and oven can be lighted very easily
  • Precise temperature control and uses 1 lb canisters.


  • It has a massive burner surface
  • The oven struggles to keep up during winds and low temperatures.
  • Can occupy space during packing.

Comfortable and Compact Camping Kitchens

If you do not plan to travel as backpackers and want to cook regularly, the best option is to opt for a Camp chef outdoor camp oven. It may not be as manageable, but in return, they tend to be more stable, somewhat more powerful, and it does not look like you are riding a Transformer.

To Cook Like at Home

If you plan is to spend a couple of weeks at the campsite or do not want to cook with restrictions, you can get the best camping kitchen with several fires and connect to a butane gas cylinder. This way, you not only have more space, but also you do not have to change the bottle every two times. They are a bit bigger and heavier, but if you’re going to move them a few meters from the car, nothing happens.

Advantages and Risks of Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

Baking Pans:

Technically, the oven can fit a 9×13, but there’s no room around the pan if you put something that big in the oven. If the container is too big, only the edges cook, and the centers are raw even after extended baking time. The stove is most effective (even cooking) and most efficient (less time baking) when you use SMALL pans. 6-muffin pans. 8×5.5 rectangular containers or those smaller glass casseroles. Thin-rimmed 9-inch pie pans.

Bottom line: Small pots allow the heat to circulate, so cooking is evener. This also helps in timing a meal (it’s hard to time a meal when you realize you need another 40 minutes to an hour for whatever’s in the oven).

Note that the height of the baking pans doesn’t seem to be the issue; it appears to be the circumference, the amount of airflow around the container.

Wind Protection:

There is no protection from the wind. The windscreen around the top burners is only protected from only the lightest breeze. The oven flame is also vulnerable. Like any open flame appliance, this one will go out with a typical afternoon wind.

If there’s any wind at all, you need to check the oven often and make sure you can see that blue flame through the holes in the base plate.

If it’s blown out, you’ve got a propane cloud accumulating at the oven, just waiting to go off. And your cooking time will be extended.

2 Burners, 1 Oven:

On the older oven, using the top 2 burners meant the oven temperature dropped.

Height of the Burners:

Although the height of the burners is excellent, it is cumbersome if you’re an average-height person. On a standard table, the two burners (over the oven) are about shoulder height. So it’s easy to see into the oven to watch the babies and make sure they’re baking, browning, bubbling, etc. But, it’s hard to see into the pans up on the burners and hard to saute properly.


The temperature of the oven is perfect, although it is advisable to use a small oven gauge to watch the temperature. As long as you don’t open the door while baking, you can easily maintain 400F or higher for baking.

However, once you’ve got a feel for oven temp by season, you can set the oven to maintain the temperature in a range of about 200F to 500F.

Baking when it’s 30F outside vs. 85F, or when the wind is up, big difference in efficiency. So take the season into account when figuring out how long to bake anything.

Efficiency and Propane Use:

The Camp Chef outdoor camp oven is very efficient when camping or having an outdoor activity. Not only does the propane last longer when cooking 2 to 3 meals on it in a day but you have to mindful of the amount of propane you put in it.

Carrying and Convenience:

If you are camping, then the Camp Chef is the best for you as it is easy and portable to carry. Not only is it efficient, but the indented handles are excellent for a short carry.

Economical Tendency of the Camp Chef

Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven
  • Matchless Ignition - use 1lb propane tank - can be adapted to use 20lb tank
  • Stainless steel construction - 7,500 BTU's per burner, Oven 3,000 BTU's
  • Nonstick enamel cooking surface - Top oven heat: 400 degrees
  • Oven thermometer and two oven racks
  • Inside Oven dimensions W 16" x H 8.5" x L 10 - weight 35 lbs

The gas oven consumes little energy. It is therefore prudent because gas is cheaper than electricity. Cooking is less dry than in an electric kiln. The ignition is automatic on the new models.

The disadvantage is the installation of a gas bottle if you do not have city gas. You will also need to change bottles always. It is more complicated to maintain a gas oven than an electric oven. There are risks. The child can touch the buttons on the stove. If you do not see it, you risk the explosion.

Remember to regularly change the gas pipes, that of the bottle and that of the stove, because if they are holes (the hole may be invisible), it can ignite and set fire to your home. Pay attention to the aerosol products that are used. They are often flammable used next to a heat source. To avoid the risk of explosion, keep your installation in good condition by regularly checking it by a professional.

You can also install a gas detector. You will then be notified when a gas leak, you will also avoid the risk of fire or explosion. If your sensor makes you understand that there is a gas leak, you have several things to do. Do not turn on the light at home or in the hall, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

Do not worry about the switches or the circuit breaker either. Do not telephone either from a landline phone or a mobile phone. If you are calling, call from outside. Do not take the elevator. If you want to alert the neighbor, knock on the door, and avoid ringing.

Maintenance of The Camp Chef

Never wash an oven unless necessary and never use steel wool or a harsh scour. It is advisable to clean as soon as possible after use and if you are not going to use it for a while, then rub a thin film of oil on the inner surface before storing it.

Use a newspaper when cleaning an oven if possible and keep wiping it out with clean, fresh sheets until absolutely clean. It will bring it back to its dull black protective layer without taking it off, then throw the newspaper into the fire as you go and the washing up is done. If necessary, use warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Even though you might find this not necessary, it is always essential that you clean it after use and store it after applying a bit of oil on the surface, but this can only be done if you are not a constant camper. Doing this will increase the lasting propensity of the camp chef.


Although the camp chef is sold around $199.99 (check current price), it is sufficient to say that the product is worth the price of it and it comes cheaper than most products in its realm.

Not only is it a great substitute in the case of light out during the winter, but it also serves as a warmer in lousy temperature. It is perfect for camping and becomes very accommodating when you have a few people over for a barbecue as it is just the ideal cooking oven for a bit of grill. It is quite useful and better than the most oven.

Availability and Customer Service

This product delivers to many countries and can be shipped as soon as you place your order as the customer service is prompt in taking orders and attending to clients.

Even when sent, the customer service keeps in touch until the customer receives the product ordered and confirms the product. Their efficiency in attending to this has endeared so many people, so you do not have to be scared when ordering a product as you are in the best hand.

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