Best way to get rid of mosquitoes in yard

10 Best Mosquito Killers For Yard | Best Way To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes In Yard

With the arrival of good weather, also come the flies and mosquitoes that, once again, want to make life impossible.

If there is something especially annoying in summer is not being able to enjoy a well-deserved rest in our garden or in the interior of our home due to the existence of flies and mosquitoes.

And we start searching best way to get rid of mosquitoes in yard or best mosquito killer for yard.

Best Mosquito Traps For Yard | Best Way To Get Rid Of Mosquito In Yard

Image Name Usage Attraction Noise Price Review
Hoont Mosquito Killer Outdoors UV light No Check Price Check Review
DynaTrap Insect Trap – 3/4 Acre Outdoors, Indoors CO2, UV light No Check Price Check Review
Dyntrap Insect Trap, 1/2 Acre Outdoors H2O No Check Price Check Review
ULTRA Mosquito Trap Outdoors CO2 No Check Price Check Review
Blue Rhino SkeeterVac SV5100 Outdoors CO2 No Check Price Check Review

Best Mosquito Bug Zappers Reviews | Best Way To Get Rid Of Mosquito

Image Name Range Wattage Price Review
Flowtron BK-15D 1.5 Acre Coverage 80 Watt Check Price Check Review
Hoont Mosquito Killer 1000 Sq Ft 40 Watt Check Price Check Review
Stinger Zapper 625 sq. ft. 36 Watt Check Price Check Review
Flowtron FC-8800 2 Acres 120 Watt Check Price Check Review
Teza Insect 40W 6.000 sq feet 40 Watt Check Price Check Review

How to Avoid Mosquitoes?

The mosquitoes like stagnant water, strong odors (pleasant or unpleasant), light and colorful clothes.

It is therefore not recommended to keep cups of stagnant water next to your bed, to sleep with the light on and the window open, to smell or not to wash after perspiring, etc.

How-to and What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Yard?

There are several ways to protect yourself and the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes in yard. However, before going deep I must say keeping clean your garden comes first to the best way to get rid of mosquitoes. Use best hose reels to keep your garden clean by water.

The most effective to prevent mosquito bite is probably the mosquito net, which, when used properly, protects you from mosquito bites. But that is a very old method although it still works today.

The lemongrass and some essential oils are also known to repel mosquitoes. It is then possible to dispose of it in the house or to opt for solutions to spread on the body. Or you can our top three Best Mosquito Repellent.


there are tips and remedies of the grandmother as a mixture of water, sugar, and yeast contained in a bottle and supposed to trap mosquitoes attracted by the fermentation of sugar.


the best way to get rid of mosquitoes is by using mosquito traps or zappers in your yard and this is the best mosquito killer for yard.

This is a very effective and hassle-free method which has been working effectively over recent years. This method just requires you to set and walk away, then you will notice the significant drop of the mosquitos disturbing your peace of mind.

Luckily, on this occasion,

we are going to talk about which are the best mosquito killer for yard, traps & bug zappers of 2019.

By the way,

when talking about mosquitoes, it is important today to distinguish between two different species:

the common mosquito and the tiger mosquito.

The first is the most widespread in most parts of the world. It is also the less dangerous of the two. It measures between 3 and 9 mm and has only one pair of wings.

Tiger Mosquito

The second,

the tiger mosquito is identifiable with its black and white stripes and is more prevalent during the day.

If you observe the presence of a tiger mosquito, it is imperative to take action to get rid of it. Also, report its presence to the authorities.

The tiger mosquito is indeed potentially vector of tropical diseases.

Source of nuisances, tiger mosquitoes prevent you from taking full advantage of your garden and terrace, moreover, they are transmitters of dangerous diseases.

Aedes Albopictus (tiger mosquito) and Aedes Aegypti are vectors of diseases such as yellow fever, dengue, Chikungunya, and West Nile virus.

The tiger mosquito originated in South Asia, but in the last 30 years, it has colonized many countries of the world. Unlike most other native mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes bite by day and surprisingly aggressively.

The best mosquito trap should not cause a health hazard, it should be environmentally friendly, easy to handle and use.

It is extremely effective against tiger mosquitoes even without the use of carbon dioxide. This combination of features has been specially developed for use against insect killing devices which has been tested and endorsed by scientists and professional mosquito control organizations worldwide.

If you do not want to go after the flies and mosquitoes with by killing them with your hand,

it is best to buy these mosquito trap devices.

These devices help allow us to enjoy a meal, snack or dinner outdoors without annoying insects hanging around us.

Don’t you know the best mosquito killer for yard, traps & bug zappers or Best ways to get rid of mosquitoes in yard?

We invite you to read this complete review that will tell you which is the best mosquito killer for yard, traps & bug zappers according to your case.

Best Mosquito Killer For Yard| Traps & Bug Zappers

There are so many fly-by-mosquitoes and electric mosquitos’ killers that you will find for sale, which makes sure that deciding on a specific model will not be easy for you.

For that reason,

we are going to tell you which are best mosquito killers for yard, traps & bug zappers, that is, what are those devices manufactured with high-quality materials, which have the best opinions and evaluations by those users who have tried it, have a good value for money and of course, they perfectly fulfill their purpose and definitely which is the best way to get rid of mosquitoes in yard.

In our selection of the best mosquito killers for yard, traps & bug zappers of 2018 you may not see the model you had previously taken a look at or the one recommended by your neighbor or friend, but at least our guide will serve as a starting point to assess whether you are or not at the best choice.


What are Mosquito Traps?
Mosquito traps are devices that are used to eliminate or reduce mosquitos in our environment or yard. These devices are very useful tools and work with various methods, but its basic task is to attract insects and not just the mosquitos to itself and trap them, depriving them of the good living condition which will eventually kill them or will kill them off on impact for electric traps.

The usefulness of these devices can never be underestimated. It ensures you have peace of mind in your home, yard and also when you are having a lovely outdoor activity like a dinner party.

How does the Anti-Mosquito Trap Work?

In general,

anti-mosquito traps, in all their categories, work with a basic principle: to attract the mosquito to space from which it cannot exist. Once inside, the insect dies by poisoning or by dehydration.

For this attraction,

the traps use different techniques from which all the models that are present in the market derive. It also counts the scale in its use, since it can be for outdoor (larger or more powerful), indoor or for specific uses such as farms, orchards, factories, etc.

In general, traps work with attractants that mimic human smell, body heat, and water. Elements that the mosquitos need for their survival and for what they have specific sensors.

Are Mosquito Traps Safe?
Mosquito traps are generally safe if used with the correct precautions, the gas emitting type of this tool is one more caution is to be placed more on. The other types are less likely to cause harm.
What Are The Types of Mosquito Traps?

Once the basic principle of attracting mosquitoes and how traps work is determined, we now indicate the types of mosquito traps that exist, based exclusively on their method of attraction. In general, there are five types of anti-mosquito traps well differentiated by the method of attraction:

Attraction by Heat: they attract insects with this element, they are usually expensive and are usually used in large spaces, either outdoors or indoors. Normally, heat is emitted through a beam of light or laser. Once the mosquito approaches, it is sucked by a fan or trapped by a powerful adhesive. Check here to see an example of that type of mosquito traps

Attraction by H2O: they are effective both for interiors, as for the exterior. The main point here is the combination of possibilities that gives the “hook with water” and CO2. All traps of this type have a special tray for water that allows easy collection of dead mosquitoes. These traps are much cheaper than those of heat. Check here to see an example of that type of mosquito traps

Attraction by CO2: these types of traps use carbon dioxide as an element of attraction for mosquitoes. It is usually produced by a chemical process called photocatalysis. When emitting the carbon dioxide, the mosquitoes detect this element as if they were of a human being and the trap catches them by means of a suction fan passes them down to the hermetic box where they dehydrate and die. They are ideal for exterior and interior, are usually resistant and with high durability. In addition, CO2 mosquito traps are very economical. Check here to see an example of that type of mosquito traps

Attraction by UV Rays: these types of traps usually attract the insect by means of special ultraviolet light fluorescents that lead them to be captured either by adhesive or by absorption in a closed space. These are systems that require lamp replacement. They have high durability, low cost and are perfect for indoor because they do not emit gases or annoying odors. This type of anti-mosquito traps is ideal for its quality/price ratio. Check here to see an example of that type of mosquito traps

Propane traps: Require using balloons outdoors. No doubt, this is an expensive choice. However, this very popular product has been tested by the history of long usage. Check here to see an example of that type of mosquito traps

How to Choose the Best Mosquito Traps?

We have already talked about the presence of mosquitoes in homes and their environment, the discomfort they can cause and their seriousness when they become pests and we have also listed tips to reduce as much as possible the factors that attract mosquitoes and how to avoid their bites.

Today we expose the secrets that are in the market on mosquito traps so you can decide which one to choose. [Read full guide]

Top 5 Mosquito Traps for Yard | Best Way to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Yard

Hoont Mosquito Killer and Gnat Fly Trap Killer Best mosquito killer for yard

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First, on our list, today is the Hoont Mosquito and Gnat Fly Trap Killer.

This tool is extremely efficient and safe. Since the worst side of using a mosquito killer is using of dangerous chemicals, such as pesticides which can cause serious health injury, especially among kids, this device manufacturer, had safety and hygiene at the back of their minds.

The Hoont Mosquito and Gnat fly trap can be used anywhere, offices, kitchen, home, outdoor and indoor. It comes with a portable design which is equally beautiful.

You might be wondering how this device work since it doesn’t make use of pesticides for its operations, well it possesses a very bright UV bulb which flies are both attracted and irresistible too.

When this device is being plugged, it shines its UV bulb and our little pesky disturbers are attracted towards the light, the Hoont Mosquito device will then suck them in by the action of its fan built into it. When that is done, the insects will then find it impossible to escape.

An interesting technique isn’t it?

Well you might be wondering if it sucks or makes use of high voltage, well I’m sorry to disappoint you, this device doesn’t make use of high voltage, and in addition to it being made pro by the manufacturers, this device gives off no sound as it does its work calmly and safely.

You might be wondering about the cleaning task of this device since it sucks up these insects.

Its cleaning is a very easy thing to do; it possesses a hidden tray at the bottom of the device which harbors the dead insects, simply remove the tray, empty it, and wash it with warm water, then air-dry and get ready or next use.

Check Price
  • It is easy to use
  • It is safe and hygienic
  • It is very powerful and effective
  • Silently carries out its operations
  • Some insects can be smart about the lights, but the chances of the happening are very low.

DynaTrap Insect Trap – 3/4 Acre
Best Outdoor Mosquito Trap

Check Price

The DynaTrap guys know that in the game of killing mosquitoes and some other insects, size matters. The DynaTrap Insect Trap attracts insects, most especially mosquitoes across up to 3-4 acres.

Though some countries and states might have mosquitoes more than the others, the importance of this feature cannot be left unnoticed.

The first insect trap on our list makes use of UV light bulb, this here doesn’t only possess that but smartly integrates a three-way protection; A UV light bulb gets their attention first, then carbon dioxide (CO2) is being produced by the titanium dioxide (TiO2) coated surface which further gets the attention of the mosquitoes.


an almost silent vacuum fan will then suck the insects in and there they get dehydrated and die.

This device is among the best in the market because of its quality features of not only policing across 3-4 acres, but it still remains safe, easy to use and easy to clean. It is a chemical-free mosquito trap that works wireless, in fact, it is just a just plug and move away insect killing solution.

The DynaTrap Insect Trap is very durable and can be used in different climatic conditions, it is built to protect it from different climatic conditions and you can expect to have it working ok for a long period.

There is a power button which is already weather hardened, with a rubber covering for the protection of the device inner engineering works.

Another interesting is that it possesses a built-in fuse which protects it in the event of a power surge which can actually occur at any time and damage the device, a very smart move indeed by the DynaTrap engineers.

Check Price
  • A large area of protection
  • It is very durable, for all weather conditions
  • Low noise operation
  • It is odor and pesticide free
  • The fan might not be that strong in most cases.

Dyntrap Insect Trap, 1/2 Acre Pole Mount With Water Tray – Best Way to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Yard

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Our third pick in our list today comes with an additional unique feature and that is water, don’t worry, we are going to explain in details, just keep reading on.

The DynTrap Insect Trap offers a top-notch protection service against insects, especially mosquitoes. This electronic device makes use of 4 unique approaches to getting rid of our pesky disturbers; just like the other device mentioned above,

it utilizes its UV light to draw in insects, it then emits carbon dioxide (CO2) via the coated shell of titanium dioxide (TiO2), and now for the additional unique feature which is a water tray which is incorporated in this device, and its job is to draws in egg-laying insects. The final approach is by the action of its fan built into it, it silently draws the attracted insects into it and once that is done, the insects die off.

Although this mosquito killer has accumulated its fair share of negative reviews amongst buyers, which is normal for every product.


most are centered on impatient users that want it to perform magic. It is required to allow this device some time to really see results most especially if you are living in a wetland area. And by sometimes we don’t mean a few minutes, it can take up today before you start seeing noticeable results.

The Dyntrap Insect Trap is a very durable device that is built fit all almost all climate conditions, it is very effective in what it does with its unique features to help ensure these little pesky insects don’t give you a great disturbance during our outdoor times.

Check Price
  • Traps and kills varieties of insects.
  • It is a very durable device
  • It attracts egg-laying bugs
  • It gives off no odor
  • It gives off no noise with it fan
  • It is not cordless; it requires its cord to be plugged before it is been used.

ULTRA Mosquito Trap Top Rated Mosquito Traps

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We’re down to a device that uses another unique and exceptional feature in trapping and killing of insects.

The Ultra Mosquito Trap is another very effective and intelligent device that uses heat as an additional feature to attract our pesky little disturbing neighbors called Mosquito. It’s also a good option for the best way to get rid of mosquitoes in yard.

The Ultra Mosquito Trap Mosquito killing device is more effective than other brands of Mosquito Traps, as surveys and reviews of past customers show.

This device still makes use of the number one attraction point, and that is the UV light which insects love, then an LED light which stimulates movement, and


a heat emission which aims to emulate the heat emissions from warm-blooded animals.

Once these insects, especially mosquitoes are attracted by any of these points of attraction, it is then sucked into the container by the effect of its fan where the insects die a natural death.

This method of trapping and killing mosquitoes has proven to be more cost-effective for both the user and the Ultra engineers. The user of this device won’t have to worry about buying CO2 always, though there is a gas cylinder made available by the company for those who want to use CO2 which the company claims that increases the chances of catching insects to about 400%.

You might also be wondering if the gas emissions are being done like most propane emission gas cylinders,

but no.

It is not, in fact,

the company claims that it also mimics the breathing of animals when emitting the CO2 from its gas cylinders.

This device is very pro and top notch with a different unique technique of catching insects, it is a durable device that is well equipped for different climatic conditions to ensure that your nights and days in your garden or inside your home is Insect or more specifically Mosquito free.

Check Price
  • It is very effective
  • It is built with high quality
  • It is safe to use
  • It is very portable
  • It gives off no noise
  • It gives off no odor
  • It doesn’t include a CO2 cylinder, but you can purchase one and use if you wish.

Blue Rhino SkeeterVac SV5100 Mosquito Eliminator Propane Mosquito Trap For Best Way to Get Rid Mosquitoes in Yard

Check Price

Here we are facing another device that uses another technique for its trapping and killing of insects, the Blue Rhino SV5100.

This device is a very effective and multifunctional trap that makes smart use of propane and an AA battery (small) for its startup.


this device is much more effective when its additional preventive measures are taken seriously.

Since it uses propane, you might want to know how propane works to trap and kills these insects.

Traps that make use of propane produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and moisture during the oxidation of propane in their catalytic burner.

This attracts the mosquitoes which are being sucked up, trapped and die of dehydration.

It is however advised that this device should be located at least 15 ft. away from you, else it might attract the insects to you rather than the device, also to maintain its effectiveness, and it is to be cleaned regularly.

Even though this device doesn’t come with a scale showing what amount of propane you have left, it is still a top-notch product that is overall very effective. Let’s look at its pros and cons.

Check Price
  • It is very effective
  • It is very easy to use
  • It kills both varieties of insects
  • It is built durable.
  • It requires regular cleaning
  • It requires the purchase of propane.

We have seen the best mosquito traps and killers in the market for 2018 with its different and unique features, let us talk a look at the best bug zappers for a yard.

Bug Zappers

I’ll tell you a little anecdote.

As a mother,

my priority is to seek protection for children.

With the arrival of summer, there is an increase in temperature and environmental humidity which brings the proliferation of flying insects.

That is a topic that worries me in a way since one of my children suffers from allergies to insect bites.

Before I used an anti-mosquito insecticide (one of those sold in the supermarket), but its smell was very strong and the truth did not seem very effective.

Without the use of poisons or chemical substances,

I eliminate not only flies but also mosquitoes, bees, wasps, moths, spiders, and other annoying pests, giving them instant death.

If you are thinking of buying one, this article is just for you.


Do Electric Bug Zappers Kill Mosquitoes?

These devices have a scientific operation that I will try to explain to you as simple as possible to show that they actually kill mosquitos.

The bug zappers have an internal magnetic transformer that accumulates energy. The insect pests are attracted to this tool through a bait UV light and these insects to reach the grid electrified by the processor will receive a shock and die instantly, thus ensuring the reduction or elimination of these pesky disturbers.

It is important to note that your safety and that of your family will not be compromised. The bug zappers (no matter what kind they are) have a security grid that will prevent you from getting to burn, guaranteeing security in the home, room or office.

How Large Should a Bug Zappers Range Be?
A bug zapper should at least attempt to cover 1200 meters in your yard and have more than a 20-watt range. This is to ensure that a large number of mosquitoes and other insects can be attracted by its light and killed off.
What Can Features Make a Bug Zapper More Effective?

Below listed features should be found in a more effective bug zapper;


The greater the power of the device, the faster it will kill insects and can do so with larger insects such as moths. A bug zapper is considered to have good power when it exceeds 20W.

Grill Size

Another important factor. If the size of the grill is larger, so will the anti-mosquito and bugs capacity of the appliance. In a fixed model, good grid size is considered 30 x 20 cm.

Cleaning System

That’s a question you usually ask when you consider buying an electric bug zapper. How do I clean it? Well, very simple, these devices include a removable tray, easy to remove that will allow you to empty it and thus clean it without the major problem.

While in the case of a portable model, just pass a rag through the grid and you’re done.


You must take safety into account. Consider a bug zapper with good protection, which will support even water splashes and also have protection grid in homes with children and pets.

Types of Bug Zapper

There are a few different variations on bug zapper styles. Let’s go over some of the most common types.

Horizontal Light Zappers

This type of bug zapper is normally boxy units with the purpose of indoor use.

Its two sides are covered with a large mesh grid which ensures that the insects are trapped inside and then zapped.

There are many models of these type of bug zapper in the market today, but the best ones are usually on the 20-watt range.

Vertical Light Zappers

This type of bug zapper has its light bulb placed in a vertical position, and this type is being made waterproof because of its possible outdoor and indoor use.

Plenty models of this type of bug zapper have a plastic casing which ensures the safety of its user in an event of accidentally coming in contact with the charged metal grid.

This type of bug zapper can also look like stylish lanterns instead of looking boxy.

Bug Zapper vs. Bug Spray

The bug zapper is an electric device which acts by attracting insects to itself and then zap them dead.

Most models of this device are generally safe to use and easy to clean.

Bug zappers can be a good option for the best way to get rid mosquito in yard. Bug zappers are proven to be the best to use in the yard because it ensures the safer of your pests and kids, and another pro feature of this tool is that it is cost-effective.

While comparing the bug zapper to the Bug spray, the bug spray in as much as it does a great job, it is not generally safe for your environment.

When you apply a bug spray in your yard or body, what you generally do is spray insecticide which is made of chemicals that are harmful to you, your pests and your kids.

Another drawback of the bug spray is the needless reapplication and wasting of money and time. With the bug zapper, you just need to plug and walk away to do its job almost effortlessly.

How to Choose the Best Mosquito Zapper

The place where you target insects. This is very important to know if you must opt for the bug zapper snowshoe or the one that is in the form of a lamp.

A device outside the home must be protected from all kinds of weather such as rain, wind and even the ultra-violet of the sun.

If you are targeting insects indoors, be careful not to use insecticides and bug zapper at the same time.

The type of insects you are targeting. Some bug zappers are only effective for one type of insect in particular. Be specific about your needs for choosing a good quality zapper bug.

The Type of Power Supply of the Device: Most rackets work with batteries, but there are batteries that you can power with solar batteries or rechargeable batteries with electricity.

The Portability of the Device: If you are often traveling to countries where insects abound, choose a compact and lightweight device that you can store discreetly in your bag or in your car.

The Cost of the Device: Price is a good indicator of quality. However, not all high-priced devices are of better quality. If you can, ask your friends and do not hesitate to see the recommendations of other users on the internet.

Top 5 Mosquito bug Zappers for Yard |Best Mosquito Zappers Reviews – Best Way To Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Yard

Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer Best mosquito killer for yard

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Bugs, just like microbes are literally everywhere.

This little ministers of annoyance can drive you crazy no matter where you live; in the city of in the farm. This bugs can be gotten rid of,

and one device capable of championing the attack on these pesky little bugs is the Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer.

The Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer can police up to ½ acres of space which is more suitable for the larger space than the fly swatter.

This device works by attracting these little bugs using UV lights, and this is a non-toxic action, making it totally safe for kids and pets.

The engineers of this great device tried to solve all major issues encountered by using the bug zapper or insect killers.

Some of these issues are the fast clogging of the trapping grid, this component of the most insect traps and killers gets clogged real quick which makes cleaning insect trapper a regular task because it will make the machine effectiveness to reduce or in some cases to stop working.

Not only does this reoccurrence of the breakdown causes a headache, but also it poses to be a safety hazard and equally disgusting while cleaning them. However, the Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer ensures that these worries are bygone.

This device is very durable, has safety as its main focus while still doing the work it was meant to do effectively, and this made it a popular choice in the market today.

For the best results using this bug zapper, keep it close to the densely populated area of the bugs or insects, which would save you the trick of getting insects to fly to it.
Want to know about Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer? check this out a single and descriptive review of Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Insect Killer

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Hoont Mosquito Trap

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This device is one way of reducing the number of mosquitoes or bugs visiting you at your home or invading your outdoor party.

Just like we said above,

this bug zapping device for yard utilizes its unique techniques like we detailed above; a UV light for attracting the bugs which our little disturbers love so much, and a fan that sucks them up.

This multifunctional tool can be used equally for mosquitoes and also for bugs which attack our homes and gardens. This device is very popular with most users, as it is also very budget-friendly because of its top features.

The Hoont Mosquito trap gives off no odor and can police a space of up to 1000 square feet.

It also can be used outdoors, and even though still possesses low noise.

It is very easy to clean, very easy to use, and made durable to resist most climatic conditions that it might encounter at its outdoor use.


with all its pro features, it should be expected that this little device will not perform magic as warned by its manufacturers,

so you are not to expect immediate result with this device as it will require about a month of steady usage of this device to see a very significant effect in your gardens.

But, you don’t have to worry, because its materials are solidly built with water-resistant materials which ensure its lifespan is way longer than most bug zappers in the market today.


As we are talking about the best way to get rid of mosquito in yard, if you need to get rid of bugs and mosquitoes in your vicinity, the Hoont Mosquito Trap is one device to seriously seek out as it effectively gets the work done easily with no noise, no hassle and it is very easy to clean.

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Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper

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That feeling of relaxing in your balcony or patio on a rainy evening by the window is a very precious moment we all cherish,

but a common enemy of insects and bugs would then try to spoil our peaceful time

They are attracted to light and can invade in droves into your home, leaving you with health risks and an inconvenience.

How then can we fight off this common enemy is the safest way possible?

The Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper comes into mind, with its utility feature of being easy to move around, that is in the case you need to cover some more places.

This device has in its feature a “lamp mode” which allows you to use its service without having to plug in its electric cord to an electric socket. This device can be used 3-4 hours after a full charge and you can recharge again anytime you really need it. It is a cordless zapper powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper works just like any other UV insect killer or bug zapper that is convenient for both outdoor and indoor use.

It makes use of its light to attract insects towards it and kills them off using its charged grid. It can cover an area up to 625 square feet, and it is highly recommended that you keep a distance of about 14 ft. from this device because it attracts our little friends in droves, unless you want to get caught up in the swarm of insects.

The Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper is very easy to clean and maintain, also clogging issue have also been solved in this device, you don’t have to worry about that because it is very safe to use, both for kids and pets.

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Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device, 120-Watt, Indoor/Outdoor

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Want to draw in an insect-like nobody’s business?

This is the right pick. The Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device stands really apart from other bug zappers in our list today because of its unique feature that it possesses and that is the “glo-panel”.

The Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device utilizes a glow-tube to attract insects, this glow-tube helps maximizes the effect of the UV light and draws these pesky creatures in droves.

It produces 5,600 volts and 2.4 amps which shows it’s a very strong device capable of zapping bugs and mosquitoes within the home. The Flowtron Company stated that it has an indoor coverage of 1,200 feet with about 120 watts of ultraviolet light.

The Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device utilizes three 40-watt bulbs to target any pesky bug in the vicinity.

Please note that you should expect warmth and a dazzling bright light when this product is in use, and that also means it should be taken to a good distance away from your house or an area being used mostly by people.

This device can be used both horizontally and vertically,

its charged grid will kill off and bug it comes in contact with, some are being dropped in its tray or thrown back, but either way, if it is kept at a distance from the home, nature would just take care of the cleaning for you, although you will need to empty the tray at intervals.

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Teza Insect 40W Killer Zapper

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Another bug zapper to look at is the Teza Insect 40W Killer Zapper, which is a well-known insect and bug zapper.

The already established brand name Teza is not new in the home and garden market and it commands respect and quality whenever product reviews such as this come up.

This guy knows what they are doing, and it is very evident in their Teza Insect 40W Killer Zapper. This bug zapper device is built to eliminate flies, mosquitoes, moths and some other flying insects.

It is made durable with a scratch-proof and rust-free plastic aluminum alloy surface, and to cap it all, an electrophoretic finish. This super strong bug zapping device is very easy to clean and it is very easy to use; that is, it can be free standing, mounted on the wall or suspended from a ceiling.

Just in case you were wondering about its bug-killing capacity, you should that the Teza Insect 40W Killer Zapper has a high killing zone of about 6,000 square feet and can give out a high-voltage of 2500-4000, and this ensures that your home and garden remains bug and insect free. It can be used both outdoors and indoors depending on your choice of use.

Another outstanding feature of this device, is the fact that the Teza Insect 40W Killer Zapper engineers built it with a magnetic transformer, and that means it does not heat up like other bug zappers and insect killers, and also does it work quietly.

Its UV lights can stay up to 8,000 to 10,000 hours, it has good coverage, and it is waterproofed, although its downside comes to light when you want to change the UV bulb, you will need a magnetic screwdriver.

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9 Tips to Buy Best Mosquito Killer For Yard| Traps & Bug Zappers

Before proceeding to buy that mosquito killer you’ve seen on offer, you should stop for a few seconds to think if it really is the best option.

There are many details to take into account when buying one of these anti-mosquito devices.

For that reason and with the aim of helping you make the best decision, we are going to give you a series of tips to buy mosquito killing devices to help you know the best way to get rid of mosquito in yard.

It does not matter if you want to buy these mosquito killing devices online or through a physical store, such as hypermarkets, department stores or specialized shops in DIY and gardening, before buying best mosquito killers for yard you should pay attention to the following details:

i) Design and Shape
As you will see when you start your search to buy a mosquito killer, there are many different models that you will find in the market. There are mosquito killers in various forms and with original designs. Choosing between one and another will depend on its operation and, of course, on your tastes.
ii) Power

When buying an electric mosquito killing device, we must pay special attention to the power of the device. The higher the power, the more effective to kill insects. But we must also bear in mind that being more powerful, the price of it will also be higher.

If your decision is between buying anti-mosquito traps or bug zappers, you must know that the lamps are more powerful and effective. In some occasions, the anti-mosquito devices do not contain the necessary power to kill the insect completely

iii) Operation
As we have indicated previously, there are several electrical anti-mosquito systems, whose operation varies depending on their use.

For example, some anti-mosquito devices require our action to eliminate insects, while electric traps and zappers attract the attention of the insect and eliminate them just by approaching it.

iv) Cleaning
Sooner or later it will be your turn to clean the purchased mosquito killing device. It does not matter if it is electric or it works with batteries. For hygiene and sanitation, you must clean the device efficiently. Before buying the device, check what steps you have to perform for its complete cleaning. Discard those whose system is difficult to carry out or involves a long time.
v) Security
Before buying an electric mosquito killing device, you must check that it complies with safety standards and that it is made of high-quality materials.
vi) Place of Use
When buying these electric devices you must take into account what space you will use it. There are mosquito traps that are effective only in the interior,

however, others are more suitable for use outdoors. You can even find some mosquito killing device that you can use indistinctly inside as well as outside.

vii) Coverage Area
Although it is closely related to the place of use, we should not forget about the area of coverage of these mosquito killing devices. Some of the main insect killers that we will present throughout this guide have a coverage area of more than 4 ft.
viii) Dimensions and Weight
Another aspect to take into account when buying electronic and electric insect killer is to check what their dimensions and weight are. Depending on the place where we want to place the device, this data can be very practical
ix) Price


the price will be that factor that conditions your purchase. Remember that sometimes the cheap in the long run is expensive and that not the most expensive has to be the best. For that reason, when buying these mosquito killing devices, we recommend opting for those models that have an excellent value for money.

Why Mosquito Traps?

Mosquito trap is one of the best ways to get rid of mosquitoes in yard. Mosquito traps have over the years proven to be the most effective answer to wipe off mosquitoes from your house. These devices act by unleashing a constant flow of heat, carbon dioxide, and moisture to lure these pests to them. Once successfully executed, these lured mosquitoes will be killed. Even though these starts working when activated, it can take about a month to deter the breeding cycle of mosquitoes.

UV Light Mosquito Traps

Most mosquito traps are UV light mosquito traps. Here, a mostly blue, ultraviolet light attracts the mosquitoes. The devices then have a power source. If the mosquito touches this power source, it is killed by the electric shock.

The dead mosquitoes then usually fall into a container, and you should empty this regularly. A UV light mosquito trap is especially recommended because it is entirely free of chemicals, mosquito repellents, and radiation.

There is a catch with UV light, however. Unlike some other insects, UV light doesn’t have the greatest appeal to mosquitoes. That is why some mosquito traps use a fan that pulls the mosquitoes into the mosquito trap at a certain distance.


  • Good mosquito repellent
  • Cheap
  • Devices are compact
  • Without chemicals, mosquito repellents, and radiation


  • UV light not as effective as CO2

CO2 Mosquito Trap

CO2 mosquito traps imitate us, humans. More precisely, our breathing air. Because mosquitoes are attracted by the carbon dioxide (CO2), which we give off when exhaling.

A CO2 mosquito trap is connected to a CO2 bottle. After switching on, the mosquito trap releases the CO2. From it attracted a fan inside the device sucks mosquitoes. There is no escape for them there.

CO2 mosquito traps work without light. This attracts no insects that respond to light stimuli.

Night parts of CO2 mosquito traps are the running costs of carbon dioxide and the size of the equipment. A UV light mosquito trap is much more compact.


  • Very effective against mosquitoes
  • Works without light
  • Attracts mosquitoes and spares other insects (butterflies, bees)
  • Can free large areas of mosquitoes (garden, terrace)


  • Expensive
  • Running costs due to CO bottles
  • Devices are traditionally large

Mosquito Traps in the Nursery

UV light mosquito traps can be used safely near babies, children, and pregnant women. But beware: in the mosquito traps is a power source, where you could get an electric shock.

The power source is usually covered so that you cannot reach them by hand. Nevertheless, one should not underestimate the curiosity of small children. Keep the mosquito trap out of the reach of babies and children.

These mosquito traps are highly practical, and it generally boils down to choice and area of usage. However, for your mosquito trap to be highly effective, these factors are considered:

  • The specific mosquito tolerance level
  • Wind direction and velocity
  • The density of the mosquito populace
  • Mosquito breeding habit
  • Mosquito species in your vicinity
  • Where you place the traps


Mosquitoes and bugs have always been great disturbers of our lovely times, mostly at night.

Although these little creatures also help create balance in our ecosystem,

there are just too many of them and they reproduce at a very fast rate.

The diseases they carry with them are the major causes of death globally,

and saving yourself and your family from these diseases should be the ultimate goal for you.

Our review of the best mosquito killers for yard and bug zappers focuses mainly on the products that get this job done but still equally safe to use around our kids and pets.

We hope this review really helps to know what is the best way to get rid of mosquitoes in the yard and ease your confusion about the best insect killers.

Thanks for reading.

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