About Me

You may have a beautiful patio where you spend a certain time in a day. I called this time “happy hour”. The time when you love to do gardening and other entertainment activities such as BBQ party, gossiping with friends etc.

You know? isn’t easy to make a beautiful patio, for instance, if you are doing gardening you will need lot’s information on it such as you may have to know when you should start a garden, how to prepare the soil for vegetable, how to garden in pots etc.

Moreover, you also should know how to maintain a garden in every season, how to make outdoor a great party place etc.

But you don’t worry about this. You are in the right place now, I am here to help you out.

I am “Vicki J. Stabile“, a gardening enthusiast. I have been doing gardening at my home’s backyard for 5 years. Through this 5 years, I have learned a lot of things about gardening, care of patio and many other of things about home’s outdoor. So, I am here to help you to be a pro gardener by sharing my experiences and knowledge with you.

I share information here that really you need to be a successful gardener, to make your home more beautiful, to make your happy hour more enjoyable.
You will get here everything you need. Keep in touch with my blog and if you have any question or suggestion please let me know. Message me